Unsocial Studio Gallery - Modena, Italy
BONES APART -  11/06/22 > 17/12/22

Page size: 47x35 cms
44 pages
2 different paper stocks

Leporello insert - 4,32 meters in length
black elastic cord binding
Black canvas/fabric slip case/bag machine sewn (pink)

Printed by Fotoincisa Modenese Due
Cover screenprint by Pijeyprint
Canvas slip case by Anna and Tamara Ascari
Print scans by Arrigo Ghi Lab
Installation photography by Matteo Torsani

Designed by Antonio Di Monte & Olivier Pin-Fat, October-December 2022
Published & produced by Unsocial Studio Gallery, December 2022
Limited edition of 60 numbered and signed copies. 

(For inquiries > info@unsocialstudio.com)