Selected installation views of completely handmade works displayed at Le Plac’Art Photo in Paris - May 2023.

“For these three handmade books, black, grey and white, he chose to work with the concertina book format to emphasise a strobe-like almost schizophrenic interplay between the exploded frames of collages and single full framed integral photographs. It highlights the idea of demolition/reconstruction, breakdown and metamorphosis within the work. The endless possibilities of display and of page combinations given by the Leporello format also forces us to read Pin-Fat’s work in multiple and complex ways.

These 3 handmade books, each over 9 meters long, although very obviously interrelated to one another, each contain their own unique hidden ‘narrative’ - like transparent spinal cartilage embedded with strange coding or energies lurking beneath the surface. It’s up to the reader to make the literary connections.

The handmade collage pieces presented are unique and are very closely related to the Leporellos. They follow the 3 handmade books’ gradations of blacks fading into the greys and emerging finally into the blindness of the whites. Both elements, books and framed pieces, address the explosion of the full frame (into shrapnel) as well as the destruction and reconstruction of part of a particular archive. Aside from the content, the work’s form touches on ideas of how memory over time breaks down, smashes into pieces to be fantasised and rebuilt into yet another type of mirage. Traces of the past, whether whole or fictional, can still haunt the reinvented, the reconstructed, never as complete ‘truths’ but more as torn shreds or shards.

If pictures are memories or mirages, these are not other people’s - this is not ‘vernacular’ work - they are Pin-Fat’s very own. Ultimately, they are interrelated presences in absence, or absences in presence appearing and disappearing again and again throughout the entire series whilst destroying parts of a selected archive.” - Le Plac’Art Photo


>> All handmade works shown here including 3 handmade leporellos - each over 9 meters long - numerous framed and unframed collage pieces - plus other archival anologue elements - all of which are interelated to one another - are for sale at Le Plac’Art Photo ONLY.