Bones Apart - 1/3
Made in Italy - 07/22-09/22

This is the first of 3 handmade artists’ books entitled ‘bones apart’ which I made by hand using (or recycling) all of the primary photographic torn pieces/shards and prints that were used for the very first 'incarnation' of this project BONES APART (published in February 2022 by Origini edizioni) & reinterpreting it into another new 'form' (yet again). Using the leporello/concertina format in order to  emphasise this strobe-like almost schizophrenic interplay between exploded frames (collage) and single frames in the project, plus everything in between, this deconstruction/reconstruction to the work, its demolition and break down...the endless possibilities of alternative combinations of pages that this leporello format gives (you can have page combinations of 4's, 5's, 3's etc as opposed to simple double page spreads seemed compellingly fitting for this specific project, & as a physical object/experience the concertina format seemed perfect for this strobe-like intention/imperative too. In short, this form allows the work to be read in multiple ways. This very separate, yet interrelated to the other two leporellos in the series is:

(Black edition)

'Anthracite' / Anthrazit Folia (Bringmann) paper - 300 gm/2
Page size: 38 cm X 29 cm (or open/double page spreads: 38 cm x 58 cm)
32 pages (or 16 folded sheets/ double page spreads taped together with white cloth book binding tape on the back).

When fully extended it measures 9,28 Meters.

- Using different papers for each edition but all united with the same 'furnace treated industrial steel' which was scratched, sanded down, and then treated/sealed all by hand (this steel has an extremely high carbon content which creates more flexibility in the metal after the furnace treatment). The metal sheen and texture with the correct light-play is interesting in itself. Each leporello’s covers because they’re hand treated are also considered unique (from one another) yet unfied in choice of material. Content wise, each leporello/book is entirely unique..
Bones apart (but together).

The cover of each edition has a torn darkroom fragment from the original ‘bones apart’ darkroom sessions (03/21) - black for the black edition, white for the white edition, grey for the grey - affixed to the bottom right hand corner so the collector knows which is the front cover & which way around the book goes. All 3 leporellos are tied together to prevent the pages and work from spilling out onto the floor etc (it’s a 9 meter long concertina!) with the same grey material for each edition. Another unifying element - among many.

Available ONLY at Le Plac’Art Photo in Paris.

Update: This book is SOLD

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All work is copyright of Olivier Pin-Fat.